Current Fees

As psychologists we want to make sure you are receiving the very best treatment for your needs.

Fees therefore are charged to ensure we have the capacity to work with you in a tailored way, with quality in mind.

Fees cover not only the time taken in session, but the ongoing research, learning, professional development and time spent outside of session to ensure you are gaining tailored help with the best possible outcomes in mind.

Per 50 minute session a full-fee of $145 ($110 concession) is charged, with a full rebate of $86.15 processed on the spot* (with a valid Mental Health Care Plan).

A cancellation fee of $45 may also be charged to clients who have not given notice of their intention not to attend 24hrs before their appointment was scheduled to commence.

Please see below for a table with more information, as well as information on rebates and different funding.

We never want cost to be a barrier, our priority is your wellbeing.

Exceptional circumstances such as referrals from domestic violence services, refuges and homelessness services may have their fees re-assessed on a a case by case basis.

If you feel as though you have exceptional circumstances regarding your finances, please talk to your psychologist.

Medicare Rebates

You must hold a valid Mental Health Care Plan from your GP dated before your first appointment, to be eligible for the rebate and rebates cannot be used for Relationship Counselling.

Medicare generally provides rebates for up to 6 sessions in a year with an option of extending to 10 after a review. These rebates are refunded back to you immediately after you have paid the full amount for the session.

In other words for up to 10 sessions in a year you will pay $145 up front ($110 concession) and immediately receive $86.15 back into your account from Medicare if you are eligible for the scheme. This means you pay $58.85 for the appointment ($23.85 concession).

Eligibility and conditions regarding these sessions should be discussed with your doctor. Please be aware that Medicare does not allow us to charge you only the gap. It must be the full amount with a refund given to you.

Private and Health-fund Appointments

When you are paying privately or through a Health fund you will be charged the full amount for the session (varied amounts depending on the type of session, please see below).

Health Funds compatible with our software will be able to be claimed immediately.

For others, the full amount will be charged and a receipt given for you to make the claim to your fund via their claiming method.



*Valid concession cards include Newstart, Aged Pension, Disability Support Pension, Austudy, Abstudy. Concessions without a valid card include client’s being referred by a domestic violence service or refuge.

If you feel as though you are financially vulnerable, please discuss this with your psychologist, allowances can be made for exceptional circumstances upon their discretion.