Why see a psychologist?

  • Because there is a difference between how your life is and how you want it to be.
  • Despite your best intentions to change things, progress just isn’t being made.
  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression can be overwhelming and you may not know what to do.
  • You might feel you’re too much inside your own head, over-analyzing everything, but never changing.
  • An objective third party could make the difference.
  • You may think you “just” need to do it, but it never seems to happen.
  • You know what you want to achieve but can’t work up the motivation to do so.
  • You might seem weird and feel like you shouldn’t think the way you do, but are embarrassed to tell someone.
  • Our space in one of safety and no-judgement, you may feel that this is what you need to be able to get things off your chest.


Why choose Mind Mode?

  • You! - Because the reason we exist is to help you.
  • Genuine curiosity about you – We really want to know who you are and understand where you’re coming from.
  • Professional and empathetic – we understand that it’s hard speaking to a stranger about what really affects you. 
  • No judgement – trust us, we know there is no such thing as normal.
  • We're local - We are located in Wollongong and come from Wollongong, so are able to help you engage in further supports outside of therapy too.

Our Services

Individual Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adult

Professional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing.

Female psychologists available

Couples Therapy 

Strengthening sessions - to ensure the creation of strong foundations for a relationship.

Reparation sessions - to work through issues within a relationship and restore its strength.

Mind Mode has your Wollongong Psychologist to help with relationship issues.

Power Sessions

Short 30min singular or ongoing sessions to create motivation for a particular goal or basic psycho-education to increase assertive communication skills.

Other Insurances and Schemes

Mind Mode can also provide services under a number of different schemes, please contact us to see if we are who you are looking for.


Contact Us

Mind Mode Psychology

2/129 Crown Street, Wollongong, New South Wales 2500, Australia

Phone: 02 4288 4667 Text: 0435 733 612 Fax: 02 9049 5021 Email: admin@mindmode.com.au




Please note bookings are essential. 

Feel free to leave a message, we'd love to get in touch with you!

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