Mind Mode Reviews


Our client's are our focus

 "I see Cathy here and not once have I walked away feeling like I haven't been understood or listened to.  I'm so grateful and relieved that I finally found some professional help that actually works and doesn't leave me feeling worse than before." 

- Brandon (Used with permission from author).


We love doing what we do

"Mind Mode provides a calming, welcoming, inclusive, and empathetic environment, allowing the individual seeking guidance to share in a uniquely safe space. Walking through the door you’re welcomed by modern decor but not the usual ‘clinical’ feel most offices have.

Judgement, criticism, and negativity find no place in session with Mind Mode’s psychologists. Highly skilled and trained professionals actively listen and work with you to understand your situation better and help you formulate a plan to move forward. Your experience is unique to you and not a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach.

I would highly recommend this business to anyone seeking assistance, whether it’s short term to get back on track, or longer term to work on the ‘big stuff’. You’ll find the staff professional and dedicated, the scheduling accommodating to work/life commitments (within their guidelines), and the price affordable (very competitive for the region)." 

- Sue (Used with permission from author)